Play Man or Monster Game!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Man or Monster is new Miniclip game. You can choose what would you be, man or monster. If you choose man, you need to defend city. If you choose monster, you need to destroy city. The game have 10 levels and every level is in one city. It also have daily challenge and every day there is another city and another monster. It is very fun and interesting to play!

If you choose to play as a man: Every city you defend you got money for buildings that aren't destroyed, people you save and reward for saving city. With money you upgrading your weapon, jetpack and your health, or buying weapon to defend city. Every next leves is harder and you got more money if you defend city.
If you choose to play as a monster: Every city you destroy you got points to upgrade yourself and buy attacks.
This is also tactical game because you need to create the plan of defence if you are man or plan how to attack if you are monster.