Man - Tips How to Play

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

In the title of the game "Man or Monster" you can see that you can choose if you want to be man or you want to be monster. In this post i will get you tips how to play with man to get better results and more cash.
If you choose to play with man, you need to be more tactical, because like you know man is weaker then the monster. It is hard to defend city if you dont have weapons like airplanes, helicopters, tanks or some sort of guns. In every mission you got money for defending city and with that money you upgrading your self health, equipment or buying weapons.
The main tip when you play as a man is to stay away from monster and tactical put your army on the map. Shot it from the distance, because if you arw close to him he can hurt you or kill you.
Try to not spend all your cash and army every level, because there will be harder levels where you will need more cash than you got on the previous level.
For every people you save you got 100$ and you can save them just by touching then.