Man or Monster Game - Walkthrough

Thursday, 29 May 2014

 Man or Monster - Level 1 - Amsterdam 
In first level you are in the city amsterdam and the monster is T-Wrecks. His words are: "The princess is not in another castle! I ate her!" Sound dangerous isn't it? Well this is first level and it is easy. It's more like a tutorial so you can know how to play the game. Reward for defending first city, Amsterdam, is 10,000$. If you save some people or collect some money you can get even more. Amsterdam is smallest city in the game. Description of it is: The place where too much is allowed. Maybe a large monster isn't such a bad idea after all! Well your mission is to defend city, so monster is bad idea and you can't let him to destroy whole city. Main tip for first level is to watch out for the fireballs he can hurl at you!

Man or Monster - Level 2 - London
The second level of the game Man or Monster is located in the capital city of England, London. Size of map is small, and difficult is easy. It's full moon and who knows what this foggy night will bring! The monster in London is Shadow claw and he reminiscent on a werewolf. This beast is on the prowl, looking for meat! Watch out for his ferocious fangs! Main tip about this level and main feature of this monster is that he can become invisible. In that case show some bullets to see where he is!

Man or Monster - Level 3 - Paris 
The first association on Paris is city of love. But when the monster come to that city, love dissapear and every body start running to save themself. The monster in Paris is Venoraptor. That name realy look scary, but the irony is that the monster is pink. This happens when scientists do whatever they want. It should have been the nex hiphop sensation, but wasn't. Watch out for the black critters he spits out! They eat civilians! For every minion you kill, you got extra 250$ cash.

Man or Monster - Level 4 - Rome
One of the oldest cities in the world. Will it stand to live another day?
Minotaur is brought back from ancient times with a time machine. Wasn't able to adjust to modern society though.
Be sure to stay out of his way when he is upset!

Man or Monster - Level 5 - Berlin
A place with so much history that a monster visit would fit in nicely.
Ultra bear is sometimes cuddly, little animals turn bad. Very bad!
Don't bother attacking when he's invincible!

Man or Monster - Level 6 - Rio de Janeiro
There is something else coming for carnival and it is not a man in a suit!
Neptunizor is found when Atlantis was found. Scientist discovered more than just a lost city!
Stay clear of this electric burst attacks!

Man or Monster - Level 7 - New York
A big apple for a big, hungry monster!
Mega Kong - a game artist started experimenting on himself after drawing too many monkeys.
He is super tough and strong so be sure to invest in additional firepower!

Man or Monster - Level 8 - Sydney
Do you come from a land down under?
Hellasaur never had such a bad temper. But he never was the nicest lizard either.
Look out for all the stuff he spits at you!

Man or Monster - Level 9 - Moscow
Moscow wasn't always the capital of Russia. Will it still be after today?
Cyclopector, one eye and one target! Cyclopector is not to be underestimated. He has his eye on you!
Don't bother deploying small tanks or helicopters against him!

Man or Monster - Level 10 - Tokyo
Tokyo city and big monsters. The place where it started and where it will end...
Destructor D2. The top of the line when it comes to big, useful, human made robots. Too bad it's self-aware and hates humans!
Run while you can!